“IN BETWEEN: A Collection of Short Plays” Chronicles the Multifaceted Experience of Migration

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Seattle, WA— August 17-27th 2023, Center Theatre at Seattle Center — Yun Theatre, an up-and-coming Seattle theater company founded by young Chinese creatives, is thrilled to announce the premier of their latest production, “IN BETWEEN: A Collection of Short Plays”.

Who: Yun Theatre, yun-theatre.com
What: In Between: a collection of short plays; in English, Mandarin, Spanish with Chinese and English subtitles
When: August 17 – 20 and 24 – 27, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7:30 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM
Where: Center Theatre at Seattle Center (305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109)
Ticket Info: https://yun-theatre.com/in-between ($15 – $45 sliding scale and limited number of $0 tickets upon request)

“In Between”, comprising seven 10-minutes stories, is an expansive exploration of transition and migration. The inspiration behind the production lies in the “in-betweenness” experienced by immigrants – a feeling of not completely belonging to any one group and the feeling of being an outsider. It investigates the perennial questions: Why do we migrate? How do we migrate? What happens after we migrate? What are the limitations, and how do we adapt?
The narratives span diverse landscapes, offering insights into Cambodian, Mexican, and Asian immigrants, delving into the struggles of identity, the distressing outcomes of discrimination, and the impacts of enforced violence. Beyond conventional storytelling, “IN BETWEEN” crafts immersive experiences, from the mystic Buddha Hall to bustling airports, illustrating the tumultuous journeys of travelers, the heartfelt homecomings, and the poignant reunions of generations long separated. In an unexpected shift, the play also peers into the animal kingdom, portraying a small mule’s struggle in a farm and an intimate gathering of endangered species.

Yuelan, the resident artist & composer at Yun Theatre articulates, “Immigrants are often described in numbers – what percentage of the population, what percentage of jobs, average amount of money earned, etc. There is a disconnect between these statistics and the actual lived experiences of the people behind the numbers; thus, we are often seen as ‘others’. We want to recognize our humanity by telling stories of our immigrant experiences of being ‘in between’ – between cultures, between homes, and between lives.”

From a competitive pool of 170 global submissions from playwrights all over the world, Yun
Theatre selected 7 plays for the “In Between” production. To honor the outstanding quality of the submissions, an additional six plays will be presented in a staged reading on the afternoon of August 19th. For further details, please visit: https://yun-theatre.com/in-between-staged-reading.

This program is supported, in part, by grants from the Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and 4Culture.

Zoe Ding
Xinyuan Zhang
Jen Lee
Abigail Tsai
Jianqiao Liu
Iveliz Martel

Yuelan (vocals, guitar, keyboard, viola)
Yiyi (Keyboard)
Yihan Lin (Guzheng)
Josh Valdez (Drums)

Creative Team:
Director: Christie Zhao
Playwright: Rebs Chan, Jillian Blevins, Dr. Catalina Florina Florescu, Renzi Li, Maya Fleischmann, Harvey
Production Manager: Harvey Yang
Dramaturg: Mona Merhi
Stage Manager: Albert Chen, Harper Shen
Costume Designer: Tianxing Yan, Xiaoyan Yu
Set Designer: Xun Wang
Projection Designer: Shenshen Lei
Light Designer: Anna Shih
Sound Designer: Renzi Li
Movement Coordinator: Olga Kravtsova
Props Master: Hazel (Hao Zhu)
Music Director/Composer: Yuelan
Production Assistant: Hazel (Hao Zhu), Yide Cai, Elodie Li, Rongdi Huang
Assistant Set Designer/Assistant Projection Designer: Jiamin Shi
Photographer: Elodie Li
Videographer: Ray Chiu, Chun Lin

About Yun Theatre

Yun Theatre is a bicultural and experimental theater company. It challenges traditional norms and confronts social and political issues affecting marginalized communities. Our productions, reflecting the intersection of Chinese and American ideologies, aim to spark dialogue and contribute to both positive change and social justice.

More info: https://yun-theatre.com

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