• Belgian premiere of Molly Bloom in Ghent
    While writing this radical monologue one hundred years ago Joyce must have thought that ‘behind every famous man there’s a woman watching in astonishment’. Today, the aftermath of #metoo movement shows the burning necessity to create a space to talk openly about emancipation, equality and sexual freedom of women. That perspective sets a landscape for a new embodiment of Molly Bloom’s statement.
March 8, 2022

”Seven women in search of Mia” or ”Breast cancer trilogy” (A postproduction reflection)

Cătălina Florina Florescu, Ph.D. (Playwright)
I came to realize that Mia was not about breast cancer so much as it was fundamentally about thinking about our bodies, making time to discover them, while raising our concerns as educated citizens.
January 26, 2020

“THE FEMALE ROLE MODEL PROJECT”: Pointing in the right direction

de Ana-Maria Bandean
What’s really exciting about the #MeeToo movement and Time’s Up is that it increased awareness regarding issues like the inequality between sexes and regarding the stories or fairytales we feed our kids’ imagination with (which ultimately influence their views of what behaviors are expected of them based on their gender), pointing us in the right direction and indicating what better choices we can make in order to turn this world into a better place for us, our kids, and the generations to follow.
July 16, 2018

I saw the most remarkable production of Hamlet I’ve ever seen and did not understand a word of it

by Sarah Kornfeld
Hamlet and Us was developed by Laboratorul de Arta, a collective within Bucharest of dancers, actors, singers and those new to the stage. The group was founded with the following mission: ". . . Human research is based on an authentic search from within and aims to express the human being in its truth and vulnerability."

August 31, 2020

Call for saving independent theaters, a cultural sector essential for Romania’s future!

Dozens of independent cultural spaces and thousands of independent artists and cultural workers from all over the country are in risk of being left without income and become unable to continue their activity and support themselves. The lack of involvement of the authorities in supporting independent cultural spaces in the next year would demonstrate a serious misunderstanding of the essential role that these play in the cultural present and future of Romania.
September 28, 2018

Coffeehouse Chronicles La MaMa: Andrei Șerban

The reason why Andrei Șerban had a long international career directing theater and opera all over the world, is due to the fact that Ellen Stewart had a dream about a young promising director from communist Romania and when she woke up she decided to try the impossible: she flew to Bucharest, and by speaking instant Romanian, she convinced the Ceausescu censors to give him a passport and a plane ticket to New York to work at La MaMa.
May 20, 2021


IOTF is back! Now in its third year, this year’s festival showcases 33 global productions made and/or captured during lockdown as artists, theatres and audience adapted to the challenges of making work during the pandemic. As the move to digital spaces has shaped all our lives the possibilities of using this new online ‘space’ to engage audiences as ideas of the ‘live’ are refashioned.

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