February 17, 2021

Gob Squad News – Show Me A Good Time invited to Theatertreffen

We are so happy to announce that Show Me A Good Time has been selected for this year’s Theatertreffen. Show Me A Good Time is made for streaming as well as a theatre audience. So even if theatres are closed, you'll still be able to watch.
November 23, 2020

OPEN UP! The Heritage Contact Zone Week of Contested Heritage

Why is the past still a source of conflict? The HCZ project has been exploring the impact of contested heritage on civil society for two years and will present its findings in a final conference, 'Open Up!' from 23 to 26 November 2020.
November 23, 2020

15 years of Action Hero online from 26th Nov!

Time flies when you're having fun! To celebrate, we're launching You Had To Be There: 15 Years of Action Hero, a series of online 'director's commentaries' where we share unseen footage and photos from our archives & talk about the process of making and performing the works.
October 22, 2020

World premiere Molly Bloom

In 1999, Viviane De Muynck and Jan Lauwers set to work with the writing of James Joyce. After sending a number of offensive letters, James Joyce’s grandson, Stephen J. Joyce, expressly forbade them to use the material. Despite this ban, a few clandestine readings took place in Germany which were picked up by the press. Now the copyright on Joyce’s work has expired, they are seizing the opportunity to finally stage this piece.
October 15, 2020

EuropeCultureAward 2020 KulturPreisEuropa 2020 in das Kosovo

"KulturForumEuropa / EuropeCultureForum has decided to award Founder and Artistic Director at Qendra Multimedia Jeton Neziraj, born in Kosovo in 1977 and considered one of the most representative political authors of the new Balkans for his services (and also in the spirit of international diversity)
August 31, 2020

Call for saving independent theaters, a cultural sector essential for Romania’s future!

Dozens of independent cultural spaces and thousands of independent artists and cultural workers from all over the country are in risk of being left without income and become unable to continue their activity and support themselves. The lack of involvement of the authorities in supporting independent cultural spaces in the next year would demonstrate a serious misunderstanding of the essential role that these play in the cultural present and future of Romania.
August 3, 2020

Snowdrops and Chlorine Premiere August 5th

Snowdrops and Chlorine is the second part of the “Staging Breast Cancer” trilogy, by Cătălina Florina Florescu. The play is composed of vignettes and flashbacks which reveal the reality of, and our misconceptions regarding, breast cancer. The work centers around a male and female battling the disease.
May 22, 2020


Anhand der Analyse der kulturellen Route Rumänien-Deutschland möchten wir auf die Auswirkungen des Phänomens Migration unter Jugendlichen aufmerksam machen und zwar sowohl bei denjenigen, die in eine andere Kultur ziehen, als auch bei denjenigen, die sie willkommen heißen.
May 19, 2020

Juggerknot Theatre Company and PopUP Theatrics: LONG DISTANCE AFFAIR

Long Distance Affair engages the audience member(s) vs a vignette that the audience member(s) merely sit back and watch, explained producer, Tamilla Woodard, Co-founder of PopUP Theatrics. “This is not a comfortable voyeurism that virtual theater can often be - YOU become part of the narrative.”

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