Cristina Modreanu

editor in chief, co-founder

Cristina Modreanu is a curator, theater critic and expert in performing arts based in Bucharest, Romania and New York, USA. She helds a PHD in theatre from the Theater and Film University in Bucharest and she is the author of five books on Romanian Theatre. Modreanu is currently the editor of the Performing Arts Magazine which she co-founded in 2008.

Since 2011 Modreanu initiated ARPAS (the Romanian Association for Promoting the Performing Arts) and she started editing

Ciprian Marinescu


Ciprian Marinescu is a journalist, cultural manager and translator of plays from German into Romanian and vice versa. In the last 15 years he has initiated and carried out a series of collaborations and festivals in the field of contemporary theater and dance in Romania and Germany. He has worked at the National Theater in Timișoara, within the contemporary dance dance factory in Potsdam, at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin and at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer Theater in Berlin. At HAU he coordinated the Houseclub residency program for artists who work with children and young people at the Hector Peterson School in Kreuzberg and coordinated projects with schools in five neighborhoods in Berlin.

Ilinca Urmuzache

Ilinca Urmuzache graduated from the Philology Faculty, the specialization of European Studies with a thesis about the theatre of Ancient Greece. She continued her studies in Society, Multimedia, Performance, at CESI. She worked with the ARPAS team for performing arts magazine and for Bucharest International Theater Platform.

Lucia Mihai

Lucia Mihai graduated from UNATC, the specialization of Theatre Studies. She continues her studies in Society, Multimedia, Performance, at CESI. She worked with the ARPAS team for performing arts magazine and she was one of the coordinators of the PREZENT - Theater Marathon for young adults.


Marian Popescu

Marian Popescu is a professor at the University of Bucharest, author of seven books on the field of theater and culture, an independent expert in the performing arts, cultural policies, literature, translator from the English dramaturgy, co-founder of UNITER and as the first executive vice president of UNIGTER, he initiated the first theatrical publishing house after 1989, UNITEXT, and the playwriting competition "The play of the year", in which the jury is this year. He is currently working on a research on Voce (Voice) in the public space.

Mirella Patureau

Associate researcher, Thalim / Arias, CNRS, National Center for Research Scientifique - National Center for Scientific Research) in Paris, cultural transfer program / documentary theater. She has a doctorate in theater studies at Paris III, Sorbonne nouvelle, 1985 with the thesis: "Intellectuals and Power. The history of a confrontation in contemporary Romanian theater." She translates into French plays from the young Romanian dramaturgy (Gianina Cărbunariu, Alina Nelega, Saviana Stanescu, Nicoleta Esinencu, Maria Manolescu, David Schwartz, Eugen Jebeleanu) and publishes specialized articles in several periodicals in France, Romania and abroad. Collaborates with since 2012.

Saviana Stănescu

Saviana Stănescu is an award-winning Romanian-American playwright, scholar, and ARTivist based in New York/Ithaca. Her US plays include Aliens with extraordinary skills, Ants (both published by Samuel French), Lenin’s Shoe, Useless, For a Barbarian Woman, Toys, Bechnya, Hurt (Best American Short Plays 2012), Waxing West (2007 NY Innovative Theatre Award), developed/produced by Women’s Project, NYTW, EST, ECA, New Georges, Lark, Cherry, etc. She holds an MA in Performance Studies and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from New York University, and a PhD in Theatre from UNATC. She is an Associate Professor of Playwriting and Contemporary Theatre at Ithaca College.

Florentina Bratfanof

As talent scouter and casting director, Florentina Bratfanof is in charge of the initiation and coordination of activities related to finding new talents: actors, theatre and movie directors, screenwriters and writers but also to the completion of specific casting director activities. She initiated and coordinated The Scouting Caravan in 2011 for Mediapro Entertainment, which took place in 9 cultural centers in Romania. Since 2014, Florentina Bratfanof has been working exclusively as casting director for theatre and film projects. She worked for the movies Touch Me Not (created and directed by Adina Pintilie), Eastern Business (“Afacerea Est” - written and directed by Igor Cobileanski), A decent Man (“Un om la locul lui” - written and directed by Hadrian Marcu).

Mihaela Michailov

Mihaela Michailov is a playwright and a performing arts critic. She is very much interested in creating political plays focused on the causes of various social inequalities and on vulnerable issues such as: Romanian state abuses regarding non-represented categories, the agressive transformations in post-socialist times, oppressive hierarchies and discriminations. Her plays have been translated in Bulgarian, English, French, Hungarian, German, Spanish. She is also very much concerned in debating themes related to the educational system: the violence in school, the rights of kids, the relation between teachers, students and parents. Since 2012 she has been working with the director Radu Apostol at various projects of educational theatre.

Visky András

András Visky (1957) is a Hungarian-Romanian poet, playwright and essayist and the resident dramaturg at Cluj-Napoca Hungarian Theatre, Romania, where he also holds the position of associate artistic director. His plays have been staged in several countries including Romania, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, England, Scotland and the United States. He has a DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) from the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest and since 1994 he has lectured at the Babeş-Bolyai University in the Department of Theatre and Television. He is one of the co-founders and the former executive director of Koinónia Publishing

Oltița Cîntec

Oltița Cîntec is theater critic, has a PhD in Theater, she is a curator for several festivals of the performing arts in Romania, specialized consultant, coordinator of theatrical projects. She has authored several volumes of criticism, theory and history of contemporary theater and performance, many of them award-winning and co-authored in several collective volumes published in Romania and abroad. Her articles and studies have appeared in important academic, theater and culture magazines in the country and abroad such as Critical Stages, Colloquium Politicum, Euresis, Jassyensia Philology, Theater Colloquiums, DramArt, Culture Supplement, Cultural Observatory, Time, Scene, , Today's Theater, Literary and Artistic Truth, Literary Talks, Ramp, Literary Dacia, Chronicle, Athenaeum etc. He has given lectures and works on Romanian theater in the country and abroad. He has twice been nominated for the UNITER Award for Theatrical Criticism (2007, 2012). She is the president of the International Association of Theater Critics-Romania (AICT.RO).

Irina Wolf

Irina Wolf is an independent journalist. She lives and works in Vienna. She is the publisher of the Austrian online platform Aurora-Magazin, a contributor to the Italian magazine Hystrio. She initiated the publication of the first writings in German about the Romanian theater scene since the fall of the Iron Curtain, being the only publisher of the anthology "Games of power. New plays from Romania "(Theater der Zeit publishing house, Berlin 2015) and co-editor of the volume" Romanian theater after 1989. Its relations with the German-speaking countries "(Frank & Timme publishing house, Berlin 2011). In 2017 she coordinated the special folder dedicated to the Romanian theater "La nuova scena romena" published in Hystrio.

Leta Popescu

Leta Popescu (b. Nicoleta Oana Popescu, 1989) is a Romanian theater director. In her work, she approaches relevant issues of the present, without being explicitly militant or dictating a certain fixed thesis. She started working within the Romanian theater circuit in 2013. Along 7 years of activity, she has been making theater pieces in the national theaters of Cluj, Craiova, Târgu Mureș, Timișoara. Simultaneously she worked with private companies/ngos of the Romanian independent theater sector: Reactor Cluj, Paintbrush Factory, Replika-Bucharest etc. Leta is interested in Romanian contemporary dramaturgy, but also dramatizes contemporary prose herself. In 2017 she becomes a PhD student at the Babeş-Bolyai University with the doctoral thesis Functions and Dysfunctions in the Repertory Theaters. A Directorial Perspective on the Constructions of Repertoire in Romania Between 2010-2020 . Currently, as a PhD student, Leta Popescu has published articles in magazine.

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