Snowdrops and Chlorine Premiere August 5th

May 22, 2020
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August 31, 2020

Snowdrops and Chlorine is the second part of the “Staging Breast Cancer” trilogy, by Cătălina Florina Florescu. The play is composed of vignettes and flashbacks which reveal the reality of, and our misconceptions regarding, breast cancer. The work centers around a male and female battling the disease. It includes clips recorded by survivors, combining stark reality with fiction.

In this production, the audience and the medical community join forces in urging us all to undress and face our bodies, so that a simple monthly breast/underarm self-exam becomes routine (and early diagnosis, therefore, significantly more likely).

Directed by Reg Flowers, this hybrid production raises awareness of our embodiments in a bold manner, zooming into our biases when it comes to illness, and what we can learn out of our personal/systemic ignorance.

Cast: Caroline Clay, Christopher Bailey, and Khalid Rivera
Director: Reg Flowers
Breast cancer survivors: Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Rebecca Pine, and Michael Singer
Artistic consultant: Dan Basu

About the playwright:
Born in the Balkans, in Romania, Catalina came to the States 22 years ago. She holds a PhD in Medical Humanities.

For more information about her trilogy, please sign up to follow the author’s public posts re: the visibility of female and male breast cancer: FB – Staging Breast Cancer

To see other Falconworks Theater Company works – Youtube link

This online world premiere is made possible via an AFCN grant

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