SANS ME – a play by Catalina Florescu

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November 21, 2022
January 26, 2023

SANS ME is a play that starts with a story that carves into what is to be embodied. More specifically, in Renaissance, when cadavers were dissected, the body could be better observed methodically and structurally. We were able to see the body differently. We learned more about it. Centuries later, when new technologies were developed, we did not have to dissect the body to look inside it. Thus, illuminating the opaque layer of our epidermis was another adventure added to our journey of discovering our body and mind. Finally, measuring the electrical activity registered by our brain waves via electrodes has helped us investigate the cause of several medical conditions and even stimulate the need for co-existence at a more intense level.

To me, the realm of medicine and theater has always shared a stage where we could learn new roles as we enter and exit it. Theatrically, we offer our dreams to characters and let them navigate our senses onto platforms that are never ever truly stable or singular. The study of the brain relies on scientific inquiry and intense research, yet one should not undermine the power that resides in our dreams, passions, energies that we give and receive during our daily exchanges. That being said, Dan, the protagonist of SANS ME, is an ordinary human who is deeply in love, who experiences that kind of love few of us dare to experience in our lifetime. When he loses them, he has no idea how to process the tragedy. A miracle happens. Because of a series of mysterious encounters, he lets his body and mind become populated by stories that intersect in their human need to connect, to express loss, to co-exist. Is Dan a medium? Is Dan healed? Did Dan meet his love again? If Dan becomes the portal to so many identities, let’s try to imagine what is inside each and every one of us. Are we then ever alone?

SANS ME is part of Science in Theatre Festival created and founded by Tjaša Ferme, the artistic director of Transforma Theatre. The play is scheduled to premiere on December 9 at The Tank in New York City. The play will be followed by a science presentation on the topics of neuroscience of (lucid) dreaming by Dr. Moran Cerf of Northwestern University. Dr. Deirdre Barrett of Harvard Catalyst, the Clinical and Translational Science Center, will talk about VR, apps, and her vast research on dreams. The play is directed by Yueh-Yeh Li, and the cast is TBD. What has started as an intense longing continues with more dreams because reality is just that. The play will be part of the curriculum for “Acting for Writers, Writing for Actors” at Pace University. Upon request, the script can be offered for workshops for actors, non-actors, doctors, scientists, therapists, etc.

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Playwright’s bio: Born in Romania, Dr. Catalina Florina Florescu holds a PhD in Comparative Literature with a focus on Medical Humanities, a degree conferred by Purdue University. She teaches undergraduate courses at Pace University in New York and graduate courses at Stevens in Hoboken, NJ. She curates the new play festival at Jersey City Theater Center.

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