Juggerknot Theatre Company and PopUP Theatrics: LONG DISTANCE AFFAIR

Suicidal Dog and Laika Premieres on the RCI Digital Stage
May 18, 2020
May 22, 2020

WHAT: Long Distance Affair, produced by Juggerknot Theatre Company and PopUP Theatrics

WHEN: May 23 – May 30, 7-9pmEST

Tickets and Info: www.Longdistanceaffair.info

Juggerknot Theatre Company producers of the critically acclaimed immersive show Miami Motel Stories (MMS) and PopUp Theatrics the New York-based site specific immersive theatre company led by Tamilla Woodard  (director, Miami Motel Stories: Little Havana) and Ana Margineanu (director, Miami Motel Stories: North Beach), join forces to produce Long Distance Affair. 

Long Distance Affair engages the audience member(s) vs a vignette that the audience member(s) merely sit back and watch, explained producer, Tamilla Woodard, Co-founder of PopUP Theatrics. “This is not a comfortable voyeurism that virtual theater can often be – YOU become part of the narrative.”

One can observe the world from a balcony in New York, fall in love in London, party in Paris. “In Long Distance Affair, distance is no barrier to connection,” said Ana Margineanu, Co Founder of PopUP Theatrics. “From the intimacy of your home, in real time, 18 theater artists from 6 cities around the world – Miami, Paris, Singapore, London, Madrid and New York- have come together to create this one-of-a-kind virtual adventure.”

In intimate ten-minute theatrical encounters, audiences of one, or more, can drop in to one city, or three, or all six. Performances are limited to five audience members.

“Someone across the globe is reaching out just for you,” said Tanya Bravo, of Juggerknot Theatre Company. “What will be the result when you and a perfect stranger meet with only a computer screen between you? Join us, and make possible an impossible trip!”

Both Jugerknot Theatre Company and PopUp Theatrics feel it is important to give back to the artistic community around the globe during this difficult time.

“65% of all proceeds will go to our artists.  Thank you for your support!


“… dangerous, thrilling and a fascinating piece of psychological theatre. Go into Long Distance Affair willingly enough and the payoff is a satisfying artistic workout.”- Huffington Post, UK.

“Unique encounters strikingly illustrate how quickly connections can be felt with strangers, also movingly highlights how quickly one person can have an impact on another’s actions… an ambitious and deeply thought-provoking project- ★★★★ Three Weeks, Edinburgh



SOLO Travel – THREE Destinations

Go around the world solo.

Three cities for one audience member at a time. These One-on-One encounters will take you to: Madrid, London and NYC.


 SOLO Travel- ONE Destination

Visit just one city as a solo traveler.

One city for one audience member at a time. You choose between Madrid, London or NYC for a One-on-One encounter meant just for you.
($15 each)


We’ll match you with a small party of other travelers for globe-trotting encounters in these three cities:

Singapore, Miami and Paris.


TRAVEL with STRANGERS – ONE Destination

You choose between Singapore, Miami and Paris and we’ll match you with a small party of other travelers going your way.

($11 each)




Tamilla Woodard

Ana Margineanu


Tanya Bravo

Natasha Bravo

Michelle M. Lavergne


Tamilla Woodard

Juan C. Sanchez

June Raven Romero


Ana Margineanu

Zhu Yi

Sabrina Sng


Garret Jon Groenveld

Chari Arespacochaga

Paul Spera


Ella Greenhill

Tai Thompson

Dexter McKinney


Ana Margineanu

Jean Tay

Angel Peraba


Lally Katz

David Winitsky

Rebecca Peyton


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